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About BOP’s Beans

Of all the beans I tasted when I was in the coffee machine business…. this roastery produced the absolute best.
After more than 2 years talking about this collaboration, we finally got it over the line!
Johnny T
[Founder - BOP's Beans]


BOP’s Beans is the meeting of coffee machine expertise with coffee roasting experience.

Johnny spent many years developing espresso machines for domestic use.
He loved the challenge of making a better coffee at home than he could buy from his local cafe... a lot was dependent on the machine.
But even more was dependent on the beans!
...The quality of bean, the blend, the way they were roasted... and their age.

What was a constant surprise, though, was that many people who had these machines for home were still buying beans and ground coffee from the supermarket.
Beans that had been sitting there for weeks if not months...
...Even buying beans from a café doesn’t guarantee they are Fresh and at their best – the roasting date is often several weeks in the past!

At BOP’s beans our coffee is carefully selected and blended for unparalleled flavour.
Our coffee has aroma, depth and complexity for you to savour and enjoy.

Critically, BOP’s Beans is shipped within 3-Days of Roasting, so our coffee can be enjoyed at its peak.
It's not sitting around on a shelf waiting to be bought and going stale.


Our commitment is to ensure our beans are FRESH.
You Don't Eat STALE BREAD... Why Drink STALE COFFEE.

Freshly Roasted: We ship within 3-DAYS of Roasting, to ensure you receive your coffee at PEAK FRESHNESS.

High-Elevation Grown Beans: When beans grow at higher elevation they grow more slowly, the beans become more dense and more packed with nutrients, aromas and flavour.

Balanced Blends: We carefully select the best beans from the best regions to deliver tailored character, depth and complexity beyond cheaper blends and even some single origins.

Hand Roasted: Ours isn’t a factory where coffee is mass roasted. We operate a small, boutique roastery in Sydney's Inner West, where we can ensure the highest levels of quality.

8-Times Tested: Every batch is tested 8 times. We test before during and after roasting to ensure the taste matches our profile every time!

Non GMO and Hand Picked: To ensure only the best beans make it!

Our coffee drinks best from 7-days after roasting… And we ship WITHIN 3-DAYS OF ROASTING so you can enjoy your coffee at its peak!


At BOP’s beans we only use 100% Arabica which means our coffee has real depth and full flavours…. There’s no padding our blends with cheap beans….

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